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Refuse & Recycling

Refuse and Recycling

Recycling Pickup Dates

Green For Life Environmental will provide every resident with a recyling container for your recycling. Please contact Green For Life at 1-888-877-4996 or 1-844-464-3587 if you do not receive your recycling bin. This service is provided at no extra charge. For your convenience we have the list here of recyclable materials Green For Life collects for you to review. Recycling is picked up each week with your regular garbage on your assigned pickup day.

Please do not place materials to be recycled into plastic bags

Refuse Pickup

Residents of Genoa Charter Township have trash collection Monday through Friday of each week. View a map of the Township showing which trash collection day applies for your residence.

The following is the refuse pickup schedule for holidays:

Martin Luther King Day - Monday, January 16, 2017
No delays.

Good Friday - Friday, April 14, 2017
No delays.

Memorial Day - Monday, May 29, 2017
Monday - No Collection. Collection will be one day behind all week with Friday's collection being completed on Saturday.

Independence Day - Tuesday, July 4, 2017
Normal collection Monday. Tuesday - No Collection. Collection will be one day behind all week with Friday's collection being completed on Saturday.

Labor Day - Monday, September 4, 2017
Monday - No Collection. Collection will be one day behind all week with Friday's collection being completed on Saturday.

Thanksgiving - Thursday, November 23, 2017
Thursday - No Collection. Normal collection Monday - Wednesday. Collection will be one day behind the rest of the week with Friday's collection being completed on Saturday.

Christmas Day - Monday, December 25, 2016
Monday - No Collection. Collection will be one day behind all week with Friday's collection being completed on Saturday.

New Year's Day - Sunday, January 1, 2017
Monday - No Collection. Collection will be one day behind all week with Friday's collection being completed on Saturday.

Large Item Pickup Program

A large item for garbage pick-up is anything too big to fit into your garbage can. 

Examples of items that would take a large item sticker are:

  • TV - all sizes
  • Hot Tub - (If cut into large pieces (1 sticker)).
  • Portable basketball hoop - Backboard and base would need to be taken off and pole cut in half (1 sticker)
  • Doorwall/window/storm door with glass/shower doors - Glass needs to be broken (a great way to do this is to place the piece with glass between two tarps or sheets then break). Please put glass into a box labeled glass. Break down the frame. Sometimes after breaking the glass and frame this will just fit into your garbage can.
  • Carpet - Cut the carpet and pad into 4’ wide rolls. A roll cannot be over 50 lbs. Duct tape or tie the rolls. 1 garbage sticker for every 3 rolls.
  • Cupboards or vanities - If these items are broken down you can put more out. If not it would be 1 sticker for each item.
  • Patio table and chairs - If the table has a glass top the glass will need to be broken. 1 sticker will take a table and 4 chairs.
  • Chair with ottoman - Put the ottoman in the chair and this would be 1 sticker.
  • Couch/sofa/love seat/stuffed chair/recliner - These items would be 1 sticker each
  • Mattress with foundation/box spring - Is 1 sticker per set
  • Bed headboard, footboard and frame - Is 1 sticker per set
  • Grill - No propane tanks however the grill would be 1 sticker.
  • Lawn mower/Snow blower - No gas can be in the item to have it removed would be 1 sticker
  • Hot water tank/water softener - Please make sure all the salt or brine in the tank is empty would be 1 sticker.
  • Washer or dryer - Would be 1 sticker each
  • Refrigerator - Can NOT be removed with a large item sticker. The Township sells Freon Sticker for this item which is $50.00. A scheduled pick-up date is required.
  • Construction Material - Green For Life will only take a little bit of construction material from small projects. Please call the Township offices and we can help you. You can always get a dumpster from Green For Life, mention you are Genoa resident for special pricing.
  • Wood or medal exterior door - 1 sticker
  • Wood interior hallow door - 2 for 1 sticker
  • Toilet - 1 sticker
  • Tub -  if large soaker tub it will need to be cut in half - 1 sticker
  • Paint - As long as the paint is a water base paint you can open the can and dry it out (put kitty litter or sand in it). Then it can just go into your garbage can. No sticker needed.
  • Yard Waste - No yard waste with a sticker. Call Green For Life for their fees associated with this yard waste service.

Some good rules to go by is to make it as easy as you can for the garbage person to pick the item up and put it into the truck. Plus keep in mind that the garbage truck in 4’ wide. If you keep your item to this size it will fit into the truck with ease. Breaking glass before is safer and will avoid glass on the street.

When you come to purchase a large item sticker we will ask what you are putting out to help determine how many stickers you will need.

If the item you are putting out is metal put the item out a couple of days ahead of your garbage day without the garbage sticker on it. There are people out there that drive around and collect metal to turn into money at the scrapyard.

We only take cash or check for a large item sticker. Here are some other ways of disposing of items:

  • Best Buy 810-225-8773 Brighton - They take TV’s and many other electronic items for a fee. Please call them for information.
  • Staples in Brighton – Will recycle electronics including monitors, laptops and phones for free. Please call for more information, 810-227-3980
  • Regal Recycling 810-546-3820 Howell - They take all metal items. Please call for hours and information.
  • Livingston County HHW Collections 517-545-9609 Howell - They take household hazardous waste, bug spray, cleaners, oil based paint and stains. Please call for an appointment.
  • Monroe’s Rubbish 810-231-3379 Pinckney - They take just about anything. Please call them for hours and price.

Large item stickers can be purchased by cash or check only from the Treasurers Department at the Township Hall. Each resident may pick up 1 Free Sticker per year for large item disposal. When you purchase additional large item stickers they are $10.00. The Township staff will help you determine how many stickers you will need. Place the item or items out with your garbage on your regular scheduled garbage day with the sticker where the garbage person can see it and they will take it away. Carpet will only be taken if it is rolled up and tied with duct tape or heavy twine. One ticket will take care of 3 rolls of carpeting. Each individual roll cannot exceed 50 pounds. There is some special care that is needed for items with Freon in them such as refrigerators. Please call the Township Hall and we will instruct you further. STICKERS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.

Green For Life will pick-up your live Christmas trees if they are cut in 4 foot pieces up to 3 weeks after Christmas.

Green For LIfe will accept latex based paint cans. Please have the lid off and the contents dried out. You can do this by putting sand or kitty litter into the remaining paint.

Yard Waste Information

Our Yard Waste Collection program schedules two Spring and two Fall dates for Yard Waste Drop Off Collections at the Genoa Charter Township Hall. The Collection times are from 9am to noon. Please check the front page of our website for dates.

Please bring your leaves, small brush and other natural yard waste to the Township Hall on those dates for recycling. Please bring all branches in 3 foot long bundles. The Township encourages the use of brown paper yard waste bags. Any plastic bags used to bring yard waste will be returned to the owner.

You can also call Green For LIfe to have yard waste pick-up at your home. Please call them directly to set this service up at 1- 888-877-4996 and they will bill you. Inform them you live in Genoa Charter Township. The cost is $10.00 per month for up to 10 bags or bundles and extra reserved at the rate of $1.00 per bag or bundle above 10 bags. Yard waste is picked up the first Friday of each month from April through November. PLEASE NO PLASTIC BAGS OF ANY KIND. Paper yard waste bags or bundles only.

Other places you can take your yard waste for composting:

Johnston Farm & Composting
5292 Center Rd.
Deerfield Township
They accept leaves, grass clippings, brush, wood chips, and soil. They also sell composting mulch. Call for prices and hours. They do not have a web site at this time.

Tuthill Farms & Composting
10505 Tuthill Rd.
South Lyon
(734) 449-8100
They accept leaves, grass clippings, brush, wood chips, manure, Christmas trees, and stumps. Call for prices and hours or visit their website at: http://www.tuthillfarms.com.

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