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Chilson Hills Cemetery of Genoa Charter Township

A little north of the now absorbed town of Chilson is the Chilson Hills Cemetery. It is one of the oldest in the county having its beginnings in 1837. It is located at the northeast corner of the east half of the southwest quarter of Section 28 up on a lovely hill.

Genoa Township spent thousands of dollars in putting up a beautiful wrought iron fence and works with the boy scouts and the Sunrise Rotary to restore broken head-stones and clean up debris.

Genoa Township in which it is situated has information that some of the burials include the first settlers of the area. When the original owner Nicholas Kriesler sold the property in 1867, he excluded the three acres on which the cemetery stood. He later sold the burial ground to Asa Rounsifer and it was sold to the Genoa Township Burying Ground Association in 1870. This was then deeded over to the Township in 1924 by the existing board of directors of the association.

As noted above, the Township has made a number of improvements lately including a strong fence to keep vandals out and to protect the heritage of the Township residents residing within. More plans are expected to keep the grounds respectable for any visitors.

The transcriptions of the rural cemeteries of Livingston County by the DAR in the 1940 have included this cemetery in Volume II and data was compiled into a new index.

Genoa Charter Township

Rules and Regulations Governing the Chilson Hills Cemetery

Adopted: September 19, 1994

Amended: September 7, 1999

Amended: August 3, 2009

Amended April 5, 2010

Amended November 24, 2016

The following rules and regulations shall govern the Chilson Hills Cemetery; owned, managed and controlled by Genoa Charter Township and adopted pursuant to the Genoa Charter Township Cemetery Ordinance.

1. A person authorized by the Township and known as the Sexton will install all monuments and make arrangements for all burials. All monuments will need a foundation. The Township must be notified before any stone is placed.

2. Only the remains of one person shall be allowed within the same grave with the following exceptions: One regular burial in addition to the remains of one cremation or the remains of two cremations if no regular burial.

3. Markers shall be placed at the head of a grave as platted. No marker shall be placed nearer than four inches to a lot line. No more than one marker shall be placed on any one grave. The Township Manager shall first approve the location of a marker.

4. No tree will be removed or pruned except with the consent of the Township Manager.

5. Vaults will be required. The minimum standard will be a concrete grave liner to allow maintenance of the cemetery grounds and prevent skinning. Caskets less than four feet in length, will not require a concrete grave as long as the burial is in a combination casket/vault.

6. Grave sites may be purchased for $400.00 each. Designated cremain sites may be purchased for $200.00.

7. Sales are limited to property owners residing in Genoa Charter Township.

Please consult the Chilson Hills Cemetery map on the right to view available plots. Any member of the Clerk's department is more than happy to help you with any questions or concerns you may have, please contact them at (810) 227 - 5225.

Key to Cemetery

Complimentary to cemetery lot owners

Grave Opening & Closing

Varies please contact the Township Clerk at (810) 227-5225 for more information (handled by funeral parlor through the Township sexton)

Cremains Opening & Closing

250.00 (or two cremains on the same day for 350.00) Cremains Opening and Closing on Sundays/Holidays is assessed a $100 fee on top of the base fee.  (Township will coordinate with the sexton per owner's request)

Stone Setting

.50 cents a square inch (done by sexton and includes foundation)

Cremains Lots by the fence

Monuments must be placed along the fence line with the cremains in front.

Please note: Costs are increased on Sundays and holidays. Please call for details.

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